1. You are a marketing Manager and have to present your new Idea towards your potential new business partner in Japan. Which way of presenting will be the most efficient.

2. Your Thai Friend travelled for many hours in the Plain. When he comes to your home you ask if he wants to join for dinner as he must been starving. However, he declines. What do you do?

3. Your German colleague set an appointment with you to go for Lunch at 11.30, however you come at 11.40. The co-worker seems upset. what do you do?

4. You are working in Thailand and you are giving instructions about an event which the next day is going to happen. Your Thai colleague nods and says that he understands the instructions. However, they are difficult to understand what do you do?

5. As a American company you are very low on personnel and ask French employee Michel who already worked six days in a row if he could work extra. He responds with: ‘’Yes, my cousin is going to marry tomorrow however I do not mind to work an extra day’’.

Right Questions are:
A. Question 1: Talk slowly and clearly, make long pauses in your presentation, do not talk to load and stand straight.
B. Question 2: You ask him another time and say that is no effort at all to make something
C. Question 3: You excuse yourself for being late and say that it is not that common in your culture to come exact on time
A. Question 4: Write an email afterword’s with the instructions clearly, just to be sure. D. Question 5: You do not let Michel work extra and apologizes for asking.
If you score 5 points: You are a real Cross-cultural communicative Expert. You have high understanding of communicating effectively with different cultures
If you score 4 points: You are a Cross-cultural communicative informative. You understand cross-cultural management and you are efficiency about communication between different nationalities are above average.
If you score between 2-3 You are a Cross-cultural communicative beginner. You have general knowledge about communicating between various cultures. Nevertheless, to gain more skills in this you have to do more research!
If you score between 0-2 You are a Cross-cultural communicative rooky. You will not be so efficient in managing different cultures or even to understand friends from different nationalities. COMPLETED, Fill your score in below!

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